Introducing Buddy's Bodega: Co-founded by Mr. Bronson and Mr. Cantillo this dynamic duo drives one of New York Metro's leading illicit cannabis wholesale businesses. Renowned for curating buzzworthy designer strains from California, Buddy's Bodega has emerged as a prominent player in the scene.

Lou Cantillo's connection with cannabis began in Coney Island, where he started selling to friends. Despite encounters with the law, his dedication endured, even during his boxing career. Meanwhile, Byron Bronson's journey started at Rutgers University after leaving Seattle. Frustrated by New Jersey's low-quality offerings, he imported premium strains from Washington state, gaining a reputation for his exceptional selection.

Their paths crossed in NYC in 2013 through a business associate, forming a formidable partnership that propels Buddy's Bodega. As perceptions of cannabis evolve, their story embodies the changing industry landscape and the unwavering commitment of its pioneers.